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Thicker Card and Coloured EdgesThicker Card and Coloured EdgesThicker Card and Coloured Edges

Use coloured edging for a contemporary finish, that starts conversations & makes you stand out from the crowd. Coloured edging is a perfect fit for any brand!


Duplexing and triplexing is the process of sticking more than one piece of card together. The primary gain from this is to achieve a thicker card. Double, triple or even quadruple the thickness and we can even go thicker if you need us to!

Simply by using different coloured cards within this technique, you achieve the effect of multi coloured edges, a stylish way to give your corporate branding a competitive advantage, first impressions count for everything! Usually this is done with triplexing and using a different coloured middle piece of card, but feel free to get creative.

Another useful way to use this technique is to place one or more extra sheets behind the front piece of an embossed product, as this then hides the indent made on the back of the card.  This technique is mostly used with business cards and invitations, but don’t let that stop you…


It is very on-trend at the moment to have a coloured edge or edging for your business card but edging doesn’t end there; it also looks good on the edges of the internal pages of a book or brochure. Whether your business cards and brochures are stacked up or stand alone, coloured edging will always be seen and get your print noticed.

To get this effect, coloured ink is applied to the edges of paper or card very carefully so it stays confined to the edges and doesn’t spread to the face or reverse.


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