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Laminating and Die CuttingLaminating and Die CuttingLaminating and Die Cutting

This page should need no introduction, but if it does, then think of fancy finishes. Laminating gives you that smooth silky sensation you sometimes feel on brochures and other printed products.


Laminating can be done with both matt and gloss laminates which are applied over the entire surface of a printed product. For the more creative of our customers, there is also spot UV. Spot UV can be applied to a specific area, say over a picture, wording, logo or anything else even if it’s already been laminated. Why not let us apply spot gloss UV to a target area over a matt laminated page? You will be amazed at how the contrast enhances the look! 

For example, applying gloss UV on matt laminate business cards, give your cards that real luxurious look & feel. There are certain products that just wouldn’t look the same without it, flyers, business cards, brochure covers the list goes on!


Want something shaped a little different, maybe a single rounded off corner to your business stationery or perhaps a completely irregular shape? Or if that’s not what you have in mind, how about cutting out a targeted area to go with your branding?

Then die cutting is a print finishing technique that could work for you. There is so much flexibility with die cutting that you can apply it to pretty much anything. If you think it could make your business card or promotional material stand out, then let us use our die cutting machine to create bespoke print just for you.


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