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Saddle stitching is basically stapling, normally in two or three places down the spine, just like you would find on your favourite magazine! It’s a technique which is also commonly used for booklets.

Stab stitching is similar to saddle stitching; the difference with stab stitching is that the metal staples go down through the book or pad from front to back, holding the pages together permanently. A cloth tape is usually applied after, to hide the stitching. 

A perforated line can be used with pads or books, great for when you need to rip pages out to use, yet leaving your NCR set intact. We usually use this technique for invoices and delivery slips.   

Stitching and EyelettingStitching and EyelettingStitching and Eyeletting


Normally but not always found together, eyeletting is the insertion of a metal rim around the inside edge of a hole drilled through paper or card. This can be used as a fancy finish to any drilled hole but is more commonly used when stringing is desired. Usually found on tags, once strung the product can then be hung from an object.

Our most popular tags of all are swing tags, used by the retail fashion industry all over the world, a great example of the eyeletting and stringing technique at its best


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